Walking away.

She faded into oblivion knowing he would choose the other. So, she decided to walk away even before he actually spoke his mind, if at all. He was used to being indecisive. In anything and everything that required decision making, he was used to conveniently putting the burden on another and getting the easy way out. This matter was no different.

Despite the fact that there used to be a time, he was the anchor of the relationship holding them down. He kept fighting for them to be together despite the odds. On some nights it weighed him down heavier than the others. Yet when morning came, he was back to being the fighter he was.

But now, all she holds within her are the figments of their distant past. The boy she fell in love with was no longer to be found; or was he just hidden beneath the exterior he shows right now. She walked away wondering.


3 thoughts on “Walking away.

  1. rainbowpaths says:

    I love your post, this is exactly what I’m going through right now and the description fits 100% to him and me, although there is no “other”.
    In fact I just wrote a post, about the same situation, too. Like literally 5 minutes or so ago, but I like yours more… keep up the good work 🙂

  2. subathrad says:

    Hey, hey, i just read your post! How coincidental indeed! I loved your analogy with candle and flames.

    Aww and thank you for your support.

    And remember it takes strength to be one walking away first. 🙂

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