Is the grass really greener?

We often find ourselves envying the lives of people we both know and don’t know lead. Seated from our comfortable seats in front of our 32” flat screen LCD monitor, we wish we could trade lives with someone whom we very easily think is having a ‘better’ life. Be it in terms of having a blessed family, or a weekend full of crazy parties, or the one who gets to displace themselves physically every other week or month. In a nutshell, we think they’ve got it all and forget to consider the issues and struggles they have chosen note to share via the online medium. The wrong decisions they’ve made, the disappointments they’re trying to come to terms with and their sadness gets masked beneath their multitude of posts to share their beautiful and happy moments.

But, is the grass really greener on the side of the pasture or is it just our wants and desires that’s getting the better of us?

Remember that for every person who you envy and want to swap lives with, there will be at least one other person willing to be in your seat. So, cherish what you have got as cliche as it may sound, cause the grass may not always be greener on the other side.

Have you caught yourself in this position before?


3 thoughts on “Is the grass really greener?

  1. rainbowpaths says:

    I did, actually facebook is the worst place to go to, when you’re down, cause it seems everyone else is having a blast and a great life, whereas you just don’t. But the thing is, like you said, we only share positive moments on social media, whereas downswings remain hidden. I bet, someone visiting my facebook page would think I have an amazing life, with only ups and no downs, whereas my blog might currently hint at the complete opposite. The truth is somewhere in between, not only for me but I guess for everyone else too.

  2. subathrad says:

    Exactly my point. We mask our sadness beneath all our happy times that we showcase and are proud to share with the world. What happens to our downs?

    And, I hope you get back to the upbeat person you are just a lot stronger in a matter of time.

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