1. I am no where close to taking beautiful photographs but this and this inspire me to go out, see the beauty in the world and smile.

2. this is so pretty that I might actually succumb to my lust of switching to a Mac earlier than I planned to, purely for aesthetic reasons.

3. I hate to admit, but I’m a sucker for happily ever afters. Who isn’t right? Tell me if you still aren’t after seeing this and this. I don’t know what I should do to you but I’ll take it from there. If you still aren’t on my side, check out the weddinggawker. You’ll be bowled over. They have an app for that, which is my most frequently used app after Instagram and Flipboard of course.

4. I’m still in the midst of figuring out the wordpress interface and so I haven’t credited the image on my header. I was totally floored (in a good way of course!) when I chanced upon the photo here that I changed my header right away before even emailing Emily to use the picture. Yes, I get that easily excited by wonderful photography. The multiple exposures of the shot seems to describe Paris so beautifully which is perfect for my site considering my love affair with Paris, which you should have understood by now from my ‘about me’.

5. April is almost over and May already smells exciting considering a close friend of mine turns two-four! And also, there are 2 public holidays though one doesn’t actually count since it falls on a Saturday. Damn! And, and, my sister is back in town for 3 days! Plus, I’m going for this!

6. I’m trying to refrain from Starbucks since my throat hasn’t fully recovered yet. #firstworldpains

7. I haven’t watched a good English film in a while. Any recommendations?

8. 1 week on this journey I’ve begun and I’ve had 265 hits thus far. I could never be more thankful for the support from my readers. I hope I can keep you entertained long enough.

One-third of the year is almost over, have a great weekend folks!


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