Ella Medler

1. Finish your day’s writing when you still want to continue. Don’t. You’ll forget what you wanted to say. Even if you don’t, you’ll spend your time worrying that you might forget. Whichever way, it is unhealthy. Of course, keeping at it when you haven’t eaten for a week or slept for two is also unhealthy. It’s all about finding that balance. Writing is often likened with opening a vein exactly because there is a continuous flow to it. So wait for a natural break in the story or put your ideas down in bullet-point form if your eyelids keep closing, and you’ll stay sane(er).

2. Never worry about the commercial possibilities of a novel. Are you hungry? Then you need to sell it. Your novel is a product. If you intend to take that product to the market, you should ensure it is of utmost quality so it can…

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