The Wait.

Every bone of hers ached. Ached for his presence to engulf her. It had been days since she last heard his voice, her lullaby. And months since they slept together. Nothing pleasure-some or sexual; just the pure innocence in 2 lovers embracing the warmth and comfort from sharing the same physical space with each other. This overseas posting had taken a toll on their relationship. But, he had promised to call no matter how late or how tired he was, since it was their 1 year anniversary. Thoughts began formulating at the back of her mind as she watched the hands of the Michael Kors watch, he had presented to her, tick. She began wondering if he had forgotten and already slept. Here she was staying up for him, like a fool. A wild thought, a total 360˚ from that, crossed her mind. “What if he actually flew down to surprise me and so is still stuck in baggage clearance or something?” The saner part of her, slapped herself back to reality within seconds of course. She woke up several hours later when the rays of the morning sun hit her rosy cheeks, only to see a missed call alert. Indeed, he had called.


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