Friday news!

Apart from the fact that yesterday was Friday (TGIF!), my day was made even more awesome as Tanvi had nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award! I felt beyond ecstatic when I saw her comment, that I double triple-checked it to make sure it wasn’t a spam or something. I’ve been on solosingaporean for what 7 days! Having barely written 10 posts, about 300 clicks, 10 followers, and to top that off someone thinks my writing is actually pretty awesome! Was this really happening or what?

The rule is to post the award and nominate about 10-15 bloggers that you think deserve the award. And also, share 7 (quirky/random) facts about yourself with your readers.

1. My childhood ambitions ranged from being a BMX stunt rider, to being a female Jeff Probst (Host of Survivor, Reality TV), to being a police officer. Not kidding!

2. The one thing I CANNOT live without, music.

3. I have always wanted to learn how to play the Mridangam (Indian musical instrument). Now, I feel too old to learn. Heh.

4. I don’t have any favourite childhood TV series/hero/toy/barbie-doll etc.

5. I impulse shop a lot.

6. I’m not a fan of ice-cream, cake or any other desserts. I absolutely have no liking for Indian sweets despite being a Indian. #irony

7. I think I suffer from memory loss. It’s taking quite a toll on me these days.

These beautiful bloggers deserve credit (the least I can do). Please check them out and give them your support and love.

A big life (Olivia)

A dash of pepper .. with a splash of mint (Pepper)

Bodhi du jour

Eccentric owl (Mara)

Fat Mum Slim

Gen Y Girl (Kayla)

Jen loves Kev (Jen)

Love, miffalicious (Arathi)

My punching bag

Rebecca Tollefsen (Rebecca)

Smile and wave (Rachel)

Something charming (Joelle)

The fabulous life of not-so-rich & infamous (Tanvi)

The wonder girl (Tara)

Surprising all are girls. I think!


10 thoughts on “Friday news!

  1. miffalicious says:

    Babe you are such a doll. Thank you for this<3 And it doesn't matter if you have 10 posts or a 1000, what matters is the quality of it,and yours is top notch. Keep writing, keep living, keep loving:) x

  2. Currie Rose says:


    I totally envy your lack of craving for sweets. Sometimes all I think about is chocolate cake…

    I will check out a few of these blogs, thanks for sharing!

    I hope you have a lovely day,

    • subathrad says:

      In that aspect, I envy myself too. But, I load on all other kinds of junk so I suppose we’re kind of on the same boat.

      I’m yet to check out your blog but thanks so much for stopping by! Cheers!

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