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I have switched to taking photos on Camera+ (US $0.99) as picture quality really has stark difference when compared with a normal camera shot and they’ve easily over 20 filters. For a quality photo-editing app, check out Snapseed (US $4.99). It’s awesome. Other apps, I think I’ll be hooked on in no time are, PictureShow  (US $1.99), Hipstamatic  (US $1.99) and Pixlromatic  (Free).

And in case you don’t already know, there are quite a few apps that allow you to send your Instagram shots via postcard. InstapostPicsicle and Postagram are a few I can name off-hand. All are free apps but sending each postcard may incur some charges, depending to which part of the world you’re sending them to, I reckon.

Recommend me any cool apps you’ve recently fallen in love with! Would love to expand my present collection of about 20 apps under my photography folder!

P.S. I want a fussball table in my house! Any donations coming my way? Thank you in advance! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Insta-april!

  1. rainbowpaths says:

    I love the “PerfectPhoto” App! It has a “spot healing” tool (besides tons of other tools) , with which you can touch up pictures. Say goodbye to dark circles, little spots and marks on faces 😉

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