Discusses my previous article on choices pretty well!

Gen Y Girl

When I was in high school, our teacher made us read this article. To this day, it may be one of the best articles I’ve read. The Tyranny of Choice, by Barry Schwartz discusses why having more options many times leads to higher levels of dissatisfaction.

For the most part, people tend to believe that they benefit from the abundance of options. The more, the merrier. However, many researchers and psychologists have recently found that there may in fact be a correlation between people’s sense of unhappiness and the amount of choices available to them.

In the world today, it can be said that having options available to everyone is important. However, when people are faced with excessive possible selections, research shows that people suffer from depression, grief, and sadness.

The article defines two different types of people:

1. Maximizers-  A term used to describe people who often have an extremely…

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