Young Adult.

Light-hearted, feel good movie. You hate yourself for laughing at the character Theron plays, Mavis Gary. She is perfect for the character which is portrayed so negatively. If you need a movie to perk yourself up, and forget about the shit in your life, watch this. Mavis Gary will make you feel better about yourself and the hole you are stuck in or think you are stuck in. The denial she lives in is so hilarious, you try to find it in you to feel sad. But, you just end up laughing.

Enjoy laughing your butt off while watching this!

I’m yet to check out her other movies. Any recommendations?


3 thoughts on “Young Adult.

  1. In Search of Perfect says:

    My favorite is “The Devil’s Advocate”. She is a young actress there, and it shows, but I think she still did a great job. I haven’t seen “Monster” but it is critically acclaimed for her performance šŸ™‚

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