The Unspoken.

Silence surrounded them. It was eerie. All around, darkness and the unknown. Yet, they never felt safer. Neither of them had noticed the hands of the clock ticking as they poured their heart out to each other. About life, love, loss, pain, happiness, death. They spoke all that needed to be said and then grew silent when both their gazes met. It felt right out of a movie sequence. The typical scene when both the hero and heroine get lost in each other’s eyes. It happened. Not the first time for the night, though. Except, this time round, she couldn’t, or rather didn’t, fight the thought of turning away. In was a matter of seconds, or should I say milli seconds, before his body began pressing on her collarbone. Her heart leaped. His touch still made her warm and fuzzy in her insides. Before she could even react or let the smile that formed in the corner of her lips fully evolve, his lips were already pressed onto hers.

Love, that’s the only way you heal. At least, that’s the only way, they knew how to.


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