My morning (most of the time) ritual begins with me checking my gmail in which emails from all the blogs (via wordpress) I subscribe to, flood my inbox. In case you’re wondering, that’s about 120 blogs I stalk follow. And then when I’m done, I switch to google reader. I’ve about 200 blogs over there. You can already do the math and see how much time a day I spend reading blogs. These blogs vary from content to author’s background to entertainment level to intellect level also, if I may. Most are lifestyle blogs. Some interjected with fashion (both high fashion and low). A couple are blogs dedicated purely to marvel at the beauty of the world via photography. Some give more details and categorize themselves as travel bloggers by sharing with readers all about their wanderlust .  Some are just trash I still follow and smirk to myself.

In the midst of reading these new posts and getting updated on the life of my virtual friends, I constantly get interjected with the bombardment of hyperlinks. It has almost become a habit for me to right click my cursor and hit “open link in new tab” on every hyperlink I see, sometimes without even reading the post fully. And, it is only a matter of minutes before my browser has 10 other tabs apart from my existing ones.

These hyperlinks usually end up being other bloggers the author gives reference/credit to or nominees for awards or simply as means of publicity. Other times, it’s articles the author wants to share with his/her readers. Sometimes, it’s even pretty little things accumulated in the never-ending wish list. I open virtually every hyperlink I chance upon so that I don’t feel left out about the ‘knowledge’ before me. Some links end up being something I don’t have to waste anywhere between 2 to 132 seconds of my time reading. Depending on the length of the page of course. Some interest me and make me give myself a pat on the back for chancing upon it in the first place. I get such an adrenaline rush when I discover something new. Be it a good blog, good book, good online store or just something quirky. And then the link gets saved under my email drafts. When things get messy (i.e. every couple of days), I try to categorize them to my best by saving them under my different folders in my bookmark column.

Why is it that I don’t filter the sites I open, by reading the post fully to figure out what the link would be about and deem it’s usefulness and relevance to me? Why is it I have this need to read/skim/glance/see every site that comes to my attention? I find myself always being caught in this position. I hope I’m not alone. After all, the thirst for knowledge is supposed to be insatiable, am I not right? Or is that my convenient excuse. Or is technology to be blamed? For the convenience and ease of knowledge being presented to us. The constant bombardment of social media invading into our personal space is so scary especially when we forget that we should stop, cut off and de-clutter our lives every now and then.

On Sunday, when I headed for my weekly swim I was forced to cut myself off. My gadgets (i.e. Blackberry and Ipad) needed to be charged. So, I opted to leave both my gadgets behind and head out. It felt so good when I didn’t have a phone to check my notifications, messages, missed calls, twitter, facebook on after I came out from the pool. I did worry though, if I had missed a call from my sister, who is overseas. No, actually, I didn’t worry, the thought just crossed my mind. Turns out, when I got home, it was just a message from my sister that wasn’t that important after all. So, lesson learnt, you can live without being connected. You just worry you can’t and don’t bother even trying to and conveniently label technology as a neccesity.  It doesn’t always have to be a neccesity. At least in my case it worked.

How often, if you ever have that is, have you done nothing? Like absolutely nothing. Sit in a park with lush greenery and just contemplate/meditate/pray/think/stone. Not with music plugged in your ears, not with a book, not with any distraction. Is multi-tasking the bane of technology or have we just become so busy and feel so important that we feel wasted time is lost time. We worry time is never enough so we keep doing everything that needs to be done (or we think we need to do) one after another, sometimes even doing 2 or 3 at a go. We don’t always have to feel guilty about wasting time especially when you’re doing something good to yourself, your body, your mind. You relax your mind, rejuvenate, think creatively and feel so much better. It’s like a personal sanctuary we all need to visit frequently. Not when we retire. But starting from now.

So, the next time I go missing on you, you should know what I’m up to.

Sorry, I’m not helping this situation but read this (Art of Doing Nothing by Moments with Millie).

P.S. I gave you details instead of just saying ‘this’. Stop by only if you’re interested. Otherwise, I thank you for stopping by solosingaporean and take my leave after you.

“It’s all a matter of just finding the place within to escape, lighting a candle and following the light.”


4 thoughts on “Distractions.

  1. Robyn Lee says:

    Excellent post! I started blogging as a means of creative expression and meditative process. I am so enjoying meeting new blog friends and keeping up with their blogs – but sometimes you have to just take that time and “do nothing” – Maybe the answer is taking days off. Will be thinking about it!! Thank you 🙂 –

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