Friday’s letters #1

I found this idea pretty fun on a blog I chanced upon. So, thank you Michaela Rae.

Little joys on a Friday afternoon from the comfort of home.

Dear time,

I want you to go slow. May seems to be zooming past. I want to pause time a bit and enjoy everything that’s on my plate right now.  Will I be granted this wish?

Dear Shonda Rhimes,

You always have a way of making my heart stop with every Grey’s episode of yours. Your shooting finale (season 6) still plays in my mind every now and then. Today’s episode (Flight) was a very cliffhanger finale. Like what you always do with your finales. What you do best.

Dear self,

Don’t remain so conflicted with yourself. It’s no good to you or anyone else. There is nothing wrong in letting yourself be happy. Happiness doesn’t have to be this far-away, unattainable emotion you struggle to come to terms with. You can seek joy in the imperfection and be happy. You don’t have to have everything figured out yet. You have time ahead of you and all the years ahead. Maybe not! But hey, isn’t life supposed to be about embracing the now! Don’t get so caught up planning the future and forget the present you’re living in.


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