Let go.

I am staring at the white screen in front of me with the cursor being the only thing in motion, in my otherwise static environment, while my mind tries to conjure up my thoughts and formulate actual sentences. There’s been too much going on this past 3 days. Way too much for me to handle even. Too many questions and thoughts and just more questions. Questions that don’t even have answers. It’s like I’ve been sucked into this whirlwind within even being asked or pre-warned about. Lying in bed all day doesn’t quite do the trick of shutting my mind from what is happening around me also.

I’m just a mess. Hope you’ve been better.

Let go of your regrets about the past. Let go of all the fears about your future. Let go of trying to figure out exactly who you are. Let go of trying to figure out who you are supposed to be. Let it all go.


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