Reminder to self.

When I was done with college and bumming around, I landed myself in a telemarketing job. It wasn’t the best first job to proudly brag about, but I was paid hourly on top of commission. So I took it, and loved sleeping in and then heading to work after a good lunch. So anyways, during my 8- month stint there, I found a friend. A Muslim woman who married a Black man, a year or two back. Her first marriage and his second. I just turned 18 while she was 42, if I remember right. Many found our friendship slightly odd, since an average teenager’s idea of fun would typically be painting the town red with their ‘frens4lyf’. I, instead, preferred long chats during/after work I had with her about life, love, God, religion, the Qur’an. Maybe I was above average back then or still am, or maybe just lost and in need of someone to explain to me, what life meant, what love should be about, what religion means to one, if God is one and if God even exists at all.

Of all the conversations we had, there is a particular line she told me that left such a huge impact on me, till today and possibly forever. It serves as the best reminder for me everytime I feel stuck in reverse, let down, dejected and simply put, in the crossroads of life. Which is more often then not. She said, “Accept life on its terms not yours.” The moment she said didn’t feel like an epiphany for me. It felt ordinary, sorry to disappoint you. But slowly, as things started happening and when unexpected events began unfolding in my life, I found strength and new found meaning in those words.

We often have so much expectations of life. So many dreams of how life is supposed to be. But, wait a minute, who said life is supposed to hand out the best cards to you just like that. It’s not about luck or karma. You just have to work to getting there. Nothing comes easy. You and I both know that. Should know that by now at least. Yet, we believe wholly on something called luck and expect the road we walk along to be a bed of roses. A part of us knows we’re strong to handle the road even if what lies ahead is rocky, strewn with pebbles or shards of glass even. Nonetheless, we expect lady luck to be resting on our shoulders and making life comfortable and easy for us. Are we being fair to ourselves? To life? By just expecting life to fall nicely in place. “According to plan” as many say nonchalantly whatever that means. Won’t you feel bored knowing exactly where you will be in 10 years time? It might be seem a safe bet now, but trust me, life won’t be life if you knew what you could expect round the next corner.

I didn’t begin writing this post to gain the most number of likes nor outdo my current highest number of views in a single day. I wrote this cause I wanted to document this moment. This line. What it means to me. I want this to be a reminder to myself.

I hope my next post is less heavy. I feel worn out enough. I don’t want to wear you out also. Thank you for stopping by solosingaporean, nonetheless.

On other matters,

This article (15 things you should give up to be happy) is worth reading. We all need a reminder every now and then, don’t we?

Also, this freshly-pressed post (Santorini 1. The art of travelling alone) is lovely.

P.S. Happy midweek ya’ll!

P.P.S. Tomorrow night is gonna be a blast cause I’m going to be dancing away to Bad romance, Judas, Paparazzi, Born this way, Marry the night and Poker face. Lady Gaga Born this way ball, fella’s!


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