Intoxicated lovers.

She fell into the category of people that fell deeper in love with things she couldn’t have. In this case, it was a person. The one who entered her life so suddenly. Things caught up in a matter of days and it was pure bliss. Soon, fate played with their lives and she walked away from him. He had so many questions for her. But, she walked away without looking back at him nor the questions. She was so angry, but beneath all, she was mostly just sad. Sad and hurt. Then suddenly, they crossed paths. Again and again and again. He would be right there at the corner each time she tries to erase him out of her mind. He was really bad at walking away. Was it cause he didn’t know how to or did he just choose not to? They fell back into each others arms so quickly and comfortably as if no time was ever spent apart. It was slightly scary. Mostly to her. How well he knew her. How well he still knew her. She knew she would never be able to find anyone who understood her better than he did. In a quirky and weird way. She liked the way things were. She liked herself when he was around. The lightness in her heart, the radiance in her smile each time he whispered you’re beautiful in her ears, the way her mind went crazy each time he touched her heart.

She woke up from her dream. Only that, it was reality this time round. She could hold on to that for now and be happy. That’s all she could do. That’s all she owed themselves. She decided to let the uncertainty the future held for them drift into the crevices of her mind and kissed him softly. He kissed her back with such tenderness as if her lips were the petals of the rose he had given her on their first date, 3 years back.

She was afraid to leave because what if things never feel this beautiful again. And even if she never gets to feel exactly this way ever again, it will still be enough.

She reminded herself that and rested her head on his chest.


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