Friday’s letters #2

I did my first Friday’s letters #1 almost a month ago! Man, how does time fly yet go by so slowly sometimes, I wonder.

Dear Toyota Camry,

You’ve been such a convenience over the past week since I’m home alone. I enjoy waking up at 7.15am for work that begins at 8 and still get to sing to myself in the shower for a good 15 minutes before I dash out. The simple joy of having home-cooked food for lunch. I’m that deprived of home-cooked food. Indian food to be more precise. I eat out mostly (i.e. 24/7). I get home from Bugis in 12 minutes. 14.4km, I checked that up for those of you living out of this tiny dot. Beat that!

Dear Summer,

I want to have something exciting to look forward to this month. I wish there was another epic concert for me to get tickets to. Or an impromptu weekend getaway. Summer has barely begun, so I’ve faith it’s gonna get better!

Dear Self,

Remind yourself to be content with what you have. The past 3 weeks has been intense on many levels. You seem to have reached a point of balance and are happy now. Don’t doubt your happiness or undermine its value. You need to be happy. And if people who surround you are willing to inject you with doses of euphoria, keep them close. Thank you.


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