Things I’m afraid to tell you!

I’ve to admit I kept procrastinating doing this post cause it really did take a lot of courage to write this. Let alone, choose to share it with all of you readers thereafter.

I first chanced upon this via Creature Comforts and then The Daily Sequin. So, thank you to both of them as well as Well and Cheaply, for finally getting me to dig this post out from my drafts on a Saturday morning.

1. I crave attention (a lot of it) when I’m sick.

To those who know me, I’ m a .. tough nut. I don’t let my insecurities and fears show so easily and hide them underneath my tough persona. I would think I do a pretty decent job in that. But, when I fall sick, I literally expect the entire world to revolve around me. I’m.not.even.kidding. I tried to do it less as I grew up but I can’t help myself. Last month when I fell sick for 2 whole miserable weeks (longest ever!), I was an utter mess. I was sick, dealing with issues and just more sick. I’m glad my family didn’t get to see me most of the time cause it forced me to deal with my flu and its works all on my own. It also made me think there is no freaking way I can be single and happy when I’m 40 cause when I fall sick, I swear I might just kill myself. Okay I might be exaggerating there but hey, it’s possible.

2. I feel like a 30-something-year-old stuck in body of a 24-year-old (5 months shy)!

I’ve so many issues with regards to my body I don’t even know where to begin. I get body aches, stiff necks when I sit in my office chair for too long. I can never sit up and watch TV. I have to lie in a particular way on my sofa that has become exclusively mine over the years cause of my signature lying down pose i.e. I’ve totally deformed the leather sofa out of shape. I haven’t stopped getting yelled at because of that by the way. Thank you for the comfort there. I need to go for a good massage every 3-4 weeks to feel like a new person. It’s slightly scary how long that trick will work on my body considering I’m just 24. Sigh. Just, sigh.

3. I feel insecure most of the times, no, just at times when I shop.

Stores in my little red dot tend to cater A LOT to the skinny i.e. stick figures. And me, being Indian, let’s just say I’m well-endowed. And it sucks to ask for a size L or XL for a dress or a top. I virtually cannot shop in local stores so I settle for American brands. Which explains why my shopping affairs go in hundreds each time I shop. Going by US sizing, clothes go all of the way up to size 16 at times. So being a size 8 or 10 isn’t an issue, is it?

And talking about shoes, I couldn’t get my size, which is a US 9/10, at Aldo and Pedro. I have luck at times, just at times, when I enter a local shoe store. Steve madden has always been my safest bet but I had no luck yesterday. I think I’m rambling, I just need shoes. Something has to be done to the shopping scene in Singapore. Any takers?

4. I’m quite a perfectionist.

I like the people around me do things my way. I don’t like chaos, mess. And I tend to make others believe the way I do things is the best and possibly only way to doing it. It’s bad I know. I should be open, at least try to be open, to new ways and possibilities of doing things. It will be quite impossible to keep up with this when I move on into my own place and live with another person. But, I’m learning and less anal when my sister comes back from abroad and shares my space. So, hey, that’s the start!

5. I consistently check blog stats a couple of times everyday.

Maybe, it’s the (only) thing to do when you are a relatively new blogger. You seek joy and happiness in numbers. On comments that make your day. On feeling appreciated when you have inspired someone with your words. I do it less these days. But, I still get excited when I get a view from a country as exotic as Spain, Guatemala or Bahrain or Ethiopia! I’m not even kidding, it happened yesterday. So say hi to me please, you’ll make my day! No doubt about that.

I’ll add on more when I have. But, this is it for now.

I feel free after finally getting this post done. I feel liberated.

I’m off to go pamper my (gross) nails so, I leave you all with this song. Current tune stuck in my head!

Have a lovely weekend people! Enjoy the Euro!

You know I wish that this night would never be over
There’s plenty of time to sleep when we die
So let’s just stay awake until we grow older
If I had my way we’d never close our eyes, our eyes, never!


2 thoughts on “Things I’m afraid to tell you!

  1. subathrad says:

    It took me a long while but I’m glad I took my time with it. Don’t rush to doing it.. ponder over it and give it a while. you’d be surprised with what you come up with.. looking forward to reading your’s!

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