He coloured her days so beautifully that it felt effortless. He gave up on planning and keeping track of time by the hour. He just let time pass by them when they were together. Just the way she had always liked it. Going with the flow and the impromptu adventures that followed after. The kind of days that when you look back on, nostalgia hits and you’re left smiling. The moment in time when you hit your bed in the wee hours of the morning that you wonder, did I wake up knowing the day was gonna be this awesome. Hell, no?! 

Yesterday was one of those days. A page in their book titled “Chronicles of our impromptu adventures”. Just one of those days turned special. She decided to take the leap of faith. Something she spent all this years talking about but not doing. He, being his usual self, ruined the moment. But, it felt special, more special cause it felt real. Not one of those out of hollywood movies. Or bollywood flicks.

Are we ready for this adventure? She didn’t have to wait to hear his reply.



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