Private love affair.

She didn’t want to be judged. Judged by anyone other than herself. She didn’t care if she was settling or if in the eyes of the world she would be labelled as weak. She didn’t and couldn’t care at all. She just needed him. More than she ever did. He was this close to slipping by. There was no way she could carry on with her life if she walked away this time round. It felt unfair – drawing parallels between accidents and coincidences/signs – to him and to her. She decided she wasn’t going to do that this time round.

She was bursting to tell the world about the joy that his presence filled her days with. But, she held back, cause she didn’t need their love judged, scrutinized and rationalized. The details of their love affair was only important to the both of them, no one else.

It didn’t matter how she forgave him for all the pain and the tears. She loved him. And that’s all there was to it.  


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