Let go and love.

She knew she was never gonna master the art of loving without expectations. How do you love without expecting? Is it even possible? Her love wasn’t that noble and selfless. It was selfish cause she wanted all of him, now and forever. Yet, she wanted to try so that there is no space for petty arguments to come between them. No chance for her to question the love she had for him. He wouldn’t run, but she didn’t want to hurt him and them in the process. It felt tiring. Just plain tiring. They started this out to keep each other happy and to just hold on to the now, the beautiful now they’re having. She just wants that. Nothing else. Nothing more.

So she decided that the first step in this journey is to stop getting herself worked up with regards to his idiosyncrasies. It is impossible to think love can change someone. You can’t. Love isn’t that powerful. She reminded herself it’s okay to turn a blind eye to certain sides of him. To hold onto the parts of him that made her keep falling in love with him all over again. It didn’t matter if love turned her blind. Short-sighted.

She was happy. That was all that mattered. To her and to him.


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