Friday links!

1. This article on parenting.

“Parent like there is no internet.” Such simple words that hold so much truth, about relying on instincts rather than what you’re told and taught. With this age and time, sometimes we tend to be swamped with information overload. Bombardment with bloggers sharing their 2-cents worth, motherhood magazines/books etc etc. Pause for a moment to remember how things were like before technology took over us.

Parenting will come naturally. There is no reason or need to force it upon you/your partner. Enjoy the journey to and through parenthood if you’re walking down that path.

2. Became a HUGE fan of ETSY in the past month alone. (I know I’m slow!)

Can somebody buy me something from this store (LIT decor)! Pretty please 🙂 I’d love one of these or many of these for my (future) house. Any will do. I’m not fussy and thank you in advance!

Prints from this store (Eye Poetry Photography) are many kinds of beautiful. I love her works. Check out her print shop as well as blog!

3. This post by Susan Edel on self-acceptance made me pause and reflect on myself. Give it a shot, you might be surprised when you need a while to answer the question she poses.

4. Awaiting this movie, Stricken.

Also, Spiderman, Dictator, Chernobyl Diaries, 5 Year Engagement and Teri Meri Kahani. That’s alot of movies! Marathon anybody?

5. Digging this post on colourful wedding dresses. My personal favourite has got to be the orange! What about you?

6. This article to help restore your faith in humanity and life at large.

7. And to all believers and non-believers of faith/religion/God, read this post.

Have a good weekend! 😀

P.S. Euro 2012 just got exciting with Portugal entering the semis. I hope they give a tough fight to either Spain/France! Make me proud, Ronaldo!


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