It’s so easy with you. It’s difficult to be with you and then come back to reality and have to hold back because life has its own complications.

But I’m definitely going to kiss you. Is that a bad thing?


Because life is too long to live without having us, and it’s too short to live without us.

Thank you for all the stolen moments we’ve been having.


What is love but the meeting of two souls, of two minds, of two bodies.

When two hearts beat faster and faster. When the two spirits connect to create a bond. A bond no battle, no distance can break.

A connection even time would lie down and be still for.

Love. Desire. Passion.

Ever since that night, something has changed in me. There’s a storm, a conflict within that I can’t understand nor can I face it head on.

I finally decided to let the thoughts in. The ones I guess I’d held back all this time. The doubt that always stayed at the back. The one I never allowed passage. I finally allowed it in. And I am now so scared of where it’s taking me. I let myself consider, even if just for a moment, that I don’t love him as much as I think I do…

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