Unedited post that taught me about life.

What do you do when things go according to plan? Whoever said the universe conspires to give you what you want was kidding. Freaking kidding both you and me.


This were the exact words I had typed out in this entry and left it as a draft on thursday, that’s 3 days back.

And today, this moment I felt scared, down, out, dejected has passed before I even could write a decent post about it. This just taught me moments like this don’t last. So don’t fret the next moment you feel stuck, in some sorta crisis or feel nothing at all, neither happy nor sad. Just tell yourself it will pass. Just like my moment that passed long ago and all I remember now is the awesome friday and saturday with friends over food, drinks and soccer. And of course, a Sunday by myself to recover from the hangover I’m suffering due to the lack of sleep not drinks, I think. 😉

Cheers to a great week ahead and exciting Semi-final matches!


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