‘Friday’ links!

I know Friday is over and today’s Monday. I’m not living in that much of a denial. But, here’s a few reads that I wanna share with all of you coz I’m pretty impatient to wait for this Friday is arrive.

1. This post by The Rambling Philosopher on ‘Do you believe in soulmates?’

I just think that, anyone could be the one. It’s up to us to make that person be the one. I don’t really believe that it’s written in the book of our lives that we’d end up with a specific person, that it was already arranged who we end up with. If that was the case, how about those who ended up being single, divorced and all that? It seemed unfair somehow for some people to have it and others don’t.

2. This post on ‘Get married for the right reasons’.

Different people are willing to make different sacrifices. If you find the right person, they’ll want to meet you in the middle.

Getting married might be such a norm in society especially an Asian one. Almost as if you’re weird or have got a messed up sexuality if you don’t. So for all of you who’re in a relationship or not, read this through before you say “I do” or get your partner to do so.

3. Yet another post on the paradox of choices. Check out my post last month on ‘Choices’ here.

4. This post ‘On feeling afraid, but doing it anyway’ by Sarah on Yes and Yes.

5. This idea to create your own vintage postcard travel journal is pretty cool.

6. Post by Amber Pitts on ‘Learning to arrive content’ on The Girl That Sings.

Cheers to a not-so-blue Monday!


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