Surfers Paradise, Goldcoast!

Last year, after I finished my 4 years of study to earn myself a bachelor’s degree, I flew the very next day to visit my closest of kin a.k.a my sister in Down Under for over 2 weeks. It has by far been my best summer and I can’t wait to get myself back there come this September.

So, while I look forward to the arrival of September, let me make you jealous of just how awesome my summer was! It wasn’t exactly summer in Australia since I always had to be in at least 2 layers sometimes even 4. But nonetheless, it was awesome despite being wrapped up in layers and altering plans for the day based on the day’s temperature and weather forecast. It was my longest travel without the parentals so the fun definitely was double or triple maybe.

Day 1 consisted of mandatory visit to beach at Surfers Paradise while indulging in some Cold Rock ice cream and then watching sunset at Skypoint Observation Deck. Sounds pretty perfect right? But my day just had to end with me dying when I decided to be a hero and go for the Vomatron ride. I suppose the pun was intended when they chose to name the ride Vomatron. We had to get ourselves back home via a cab that costed us almost 40 AUD for a ride that didn’t even last for 10 minutes. Take it from me, renting a car when you’re in Australia is cheaper than commuting via cabs.

Mandatory jump shot before we leave the beach!

This is where I died!

P.S. All images you will be seeing about my Australia travel adventures belong to me (solosingaporean) unless otherwise stated. Most of them have been shot by the (talented) sister using her Canon 500D with 18-55mm kit lens. Be kind and give credit where credit is due. Cheers!


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