A week’s nutshell: Whirlwind of emotions.

Decided to take a bit of a break from communicating my thoughts via this channel with all of you in the hope that by then, this writers’ block or whatever it is that I’m going through would be gone, and that I’ve something truly valuable, mind-enriching to share with you. Let me warn you, if you’re excepting to take away something from this post, you’ll be (sorely) disappointed. Or unless, our definitions of valuable content and mindless rant vary so differently then I suppose you could continue reading on.

This week seems to have thrown me into a whirlwind of emotions. It felt like a test by God or whoever. To judge me if I’m worthy enough to enjoy the rest of July. If I survive and make it out alive, then I’m good to go. Otherwise, … I don’t know about the otherwise bit cause clearly I survived since I’m typing this post in relatively logical sentences. I hope. *fingers crossed*

So anyways, Sunday literally begun with a lot of drama, panic and a lot of swearing. Felt worse than a fool for losing my way in freaking Singapore! No kidding! Only plus was that, I had champagne waiting for me on the other side when/if I actually make it. Oh, I forgot the in-between bit where we had to enter the restaurant via the back entrance since main building had already been locked by the time we arrived. Seriously, could my night have gotten any worse! It clearly did, that’s all I can say, cause I’m going to leave out the drama that unfolded post-brunch.

Canadian breakfast consisting of pancakes with Canadian back bacon,

wild forest berry with maple syrup at Wild honey, Scott’s Square, Singapore.

Ordering the dish felt a lot yummier than actually enjoying the pancakes. How disappointing! Maybe, I’m just not that big of a fan of pancakes than I think I am. The bacon and the champagne saved the night. Rest of Sunday was spent de-cluttering and just relaxing before waking up in the wee hours for the last time for Euro 2012 soccer. 

Monday I caught The Amazing Spiderman! I felt the movie was awesome because no 1. I went in with zero expectations for the movie since I’m not a superhero fan at all, no kidding  and no 2. Andrew Garfield, enuff said. Just look at him ↓ .

How do you say no to this face?

Tuesday was spent being angry, selfish, hurting and then healing. Special thanks to jensine for her comment below on my post (Title-less). No my title itself is Title-less, I’m not trying to be funny.

“I think when we love we always risk the hurt, either to us or to others, because we share so much we make ourselves vulnerable, so we have to trust that even with hurt the love is bigger and can heal what is opened.”

Wednesday involved me experiencing truly poor customer service which led to shopping and running errands.

Thursday was spent redeeming the poor customer service I had the previous day and of course, a lot broker but happier.

Friday, was just Friday. 🙂

And today i.e. Saturday, despite me waking up late and then rushing to work, I’m not complaining. Thanks to Sarah from The Naked Redhead for her timely post.

Image courtesy of Sarah from The Naked Red.

The image has been directly linked to her blog post (I wouldn’t have it any other way).

I found another post of her’s (Live as if you’ll die alone) worth a read. Especially the quote below from a friend of hers.

“I’ve learned that all I can do is work on being the kind of person I need to be. My partner can choose to leave at any time, and say, ‘I don’t want this any more.’ And still, all I can do is be the right kind of person in our relationship. We can grow, and we can change, but every day, I gotta be sure that I am a whole person, because I won’t be able to give much of myself or make my part of the relationship work if I’m not.”

Never lose who you are in the attempt of finding a person to complete your life and then holding on to him/her. It will only be a matter of time before you lose your partner and yourself in the pursuit of having it all.

How has your week been? Hope it has been better, otherwise, just hang in to the fact that it will get better. Cheers!


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