Words from 2 days in New York.

“In fairy tales, they tell you they lived happily ever after. They never tell you the rest of the story for a very good reason. No more dragons to slay after the happy ending. Life begins and that’s way harder to handle than any dragon. But then again, you can end up with the most precious gift in the whole world. You know why I don’t believe in the Soul. Because, the Soul would probably mean an afterlife. And if there was something my mum would have tried to communicate with me somehow. Even though she knows better than to contact me when I’m home alone at night.”


“If you live your life with one person only, one day they’ll be gone or you’ll be gone. And one of you will be left all alone in the cold world. The family we are born in eventually vanishes. By then, you’ve created your own family if you’re lucky. First, you have to choose the person you’ll build this family with and stick to it as much as possible. How many tries do you get before you strike out? When my mother died just a few hours before the end, she looked into my eyes and she had the expression of a little girl who didn’t know what was happening to her. The same as when Lulu was born. Something totally pure. So I guess, we can do all the growing up we can, in the end, at the core, we stay the same. But before that sad ending that awaits all of us, maybe we can share beautiful, ephemeral moments with the people we love.”


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