Overdue links!

1. This (The Sky Walk) is to be added to my bucket list!

2. Currently loving this quote.

3. I had a good laugh reading this post (Strange advice my dad gave me on very important things in life).

4. This post (Brights) reminded me that not all the beauty in the world has been lost.

5. Five guys take same photo for 30 years.

6. This post on motherhood tips. I especially liked #5.

7. A very funny read on why it is hard to make friends over 30.

8. Post on #the50 things every creative should know.

9. 12 tough truths that help you grow by Marc and Angel.

10. This tutorial on how to make glowing spheres.

11. Tatoo I’m loving.

12. Post on how to be more open-minded.

13. This blog on life of london cabbies is quite interesting.

14. Post on how the people around you affect personal success.

Apologies for the bombardment! Hope Monday blues are not getting too deep into your skin. Have a great week people!


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