Updates, updates, updates!

I apologize for the lack of updates on this space the past week. I refrained from updating before I flew off cause honestly I was too excited and nervous at the same time at the thought of how I’m gonna pull off the surprise of flying 3865.4 miles to surprise the little one on her 21st. I’m glad despite all the minor hiccups and plan changes, it all went smoothly. 🙂

The trip was such a short one (i.e. 3 nights) but nonetheless saw many firsts for me.

1. My virgin flight experience via Scoot. Thank you for the affordability!

2. Seeing the lil’ one drive! And then, getting her license!

3. 1st proper meal after landing was Japanese! I’ve never eaten Sushi before so who knew my first experience would be when I’m in Gold Coast! I had Sushi again for dinner on the last day by the way.

4. Champagne over good pizza at Valentinos at Broadbeach.

5. Finest meal ever!

Spanish omelette and italian thick milkshake at The hub.

6. Managing to find shoes that fit my gigantic feet in Aldo.

7. Movie experience at Robina! Boy, ticket prices sure are expensive (AUD $18.50) but if I’ve so many drink options, candies, ice creams I’d probably succumb and watch a movie every week.

I apologise for the poor photo quality. I will be back with better photos from my camera as well as my sister’s.

I miss waking up to my sister. Planning outfit for the day and then deciding where to head for meals. I’m glad I went ahead with the surprise cause it was a much needed break away from work and life here. Plus, hearing my sister’s WTF reaction upon seeing me totally makes my day even now as I recall that moment. 🙂

I hope you had an awesome 21st with a week full of celebrations! Hang in there for the remaining 3 weeks of school and I will see you again in 2 months to shout out loud ‘Happy Graduation’! 

Much love.


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