A whole lot of random.

I wanna travel somewhere and jump of a cliff. Hopefully soon. Skydiving in Australia in a month would come close I guess.

I’ve learnt that happiness gives you a whole lot of reason to be scared. It’s human to worry and give thought to ‘what if’ questions in your head. But, it will just be foolish to give voice to those thoughts and cloud your judgement with regards to what you have now. So just be. Just be happy.

I’ve a mental list of like 129128 things to do when I’m done with work in less than a month. As nerve-wrecking as it is to have so much time on my hands, I’m pretty darn excited! Can’t wait!

You make me just so blessed and proud. And you, make me happy and light.

I’ve deliberately reduced my coffee intake. I had Starbucks just twice the whole of last month compared to easily ten times an average month.

Another thing I’ve learnt in recent times is to stop fixing the things or people around you. Fix yourself and how you perceive or react to things. It makes a whole lot of difference and of course, saves you a lot of heartache. #truestory

I’m possibly the only being on the planet who slept through watching The Dark Knight Rises. Period.

Ariel’s quote of the day always make me pause and smile. Here and here.

I’m addicted to 50 shades trilogy. I know I’m very late to jump on the bandwagon. I feel like the end is already looming cause I’m half way through 50 shades of freed. 😦 Christian Grey, don’t go. Pretty please….

Coming to work on a Friday after a public holiday just sucks. Sucks big time. Pardon my language.

On a brighter note, I’m excited to have sushi for dinner later.

I’m off, here’s to good weekend ahead!


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