I’ll do better.

August is almost ending and this is my 5th post here. I’ve really been terrible with blogging the past month, haven’t I?

Anyways, August marked a lot of things for me.

– Decided to take the leap of faith and drafted my resignation letter after much thought. The feeling to be out of engineering is liberating.

– Learnt that I should judge a concert by its venue. Nothing else.

– Japanese cuisine for 2 consecutive meals.

– Body took almost 2 weeks to recover from the 123283 problems it was facing.

– Spent a Saturday afternoon museum hopping.

– Stepped into the town of Bedok (east of Singapore) for the first time.

– Got myself new headphones!

– Discovered that $2 and $4 parking coupons existed.

– Won free movie passes for the 2nd consecutive month!

Here’s my word you’ll be hearing from me more come September (that is before I leave for my 18 day Australia adventure on the 20th!).

Thank you all for stopping by solosingaporean this past month despite the lack of updates!



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