Trip planning anyone?

Whitsundays, Australia

I’m going to be spending 5 days in this haven and I seriously can’t wait to wake up to the sight of the beach, sand and waves. My next one week is gonna be spent trip planning, so any advice from you would be appreciated. Where to stay, what to do, what to eat, anything and everything will be helpful. Nothing has been planned except for skydiving at Airlie Beach so I thank ya’ll in advance for the input.

Apart from Whitsundays, I’m going to be spending 3 days each in Sydney and Melbourne. It will be 2nd visit to Sydney so I’m pretty familiar with getting around. Really looking forward to the long drives the trip entails with my siblings. And also, 4 days back in Goldcoast when the parentals join us. I can’t remember when the 5 of us took a vacation together but it’s definitely been over what, 5 years?! Oh gosh!


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