A blogger’s pet peeves.

With the number of blog entries I read on a daily basis, I suddenly remembered there are a couple of things I absolutely cannot stand with respect to blogging and bloggers.

1. First and foremost, poor English. I cannot emphasize my disgust when I read blogs which have sentences laced with grammatical errors. I.ABSOLUTELY.CANNOT.TOLERATE.THIS. If you’re blogging on the World Wide Web for people from all across the globe to read, I suggest you straighten your grammar out. Needless to say, poor spelling. Don’t even get me started. There is spell check for heaven’s sake.

2. Blogging with only 1 emotion running throughout the entire year’s worth of entries. Either they are extremely happy or extremely sad/heartbroken/devastated. No one cares or wants to read about your extremely happy or extremely sad life. Period.

3. Claiming to be a professional photographer with poor quality photographs. Nuff’ said.

What are some of your pet peeves?



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