Highlight #1 – Opera house, Sydney.

Credits to the brother for this shot – “the crescent juxtaposed”.

It was my second time to the Opera House having gone there last year, but I would say this time round was a proper visit cause I got to go for the in house guided tour. It’s AUD 35 for an hour, but I recommend you go for it. It’s worth the buck!


The tour left me in awe of the building I was standing in. The insight about the Opera House’s history, the political struggle behind the building, the engineering breakthrough with regards to it’s architecture made me realize why exactly the Opera House stands as one of our world wonders.

Concert Hall, Opera House


I also attended a play, Australia Day, put up by Sydney Theatre Company in the Drama Theatre, Opera House. It was purely a well-scripted and directed comedy that touched on the racial matters that plagued the society with as well as the local political scene. As a foreigner, it took me a while to understand the local slangs and understand the humor. But in spite of that, I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 hour long comedy. Not to be a spill the beans, but the Australia-born Vietnamese dude delivers his role extremely well and his comebacks to the racial remarks made at him were awesome!

Here’s a good review about the play by Time Out for those interested.

Tickets are from AUD 45 onwards and it will be playing till the 27th of October. Do catch it if you’re there! Really recommend it for some good laugh.


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