My people; my home.

Before I do a proper update on my adventures in Hong Kong, I need to do this post.

After a 18 day adventure to Australia and then going to Hong Kong within less than a month of being back home, I’ve realised that travelling makes me so happy and opens up so much experiences for me. It feels like breaking free and just letting my insides feel something new. And as much as  I can already start planning my next travel destination, I’m also glad to be back. Because really, no country will be home unless you have your people with you.

Australia has a slower pace of life which draws you with every visit. Beautiful, beautiful beaches. The architecture of the Opera House has blown you over and made you fall deeper in love with Sydney. The culture in Melbourne is so strong and hasn’t been diluted despite the influx of migrants to Australia at large. You can’t wait to explore the rest of Melbourne sometime soon. Ayer’s rock, Whitsundays, Great Barrier Reef and the 12 apostles are all waiting to be conquered by you. You can’t wait to go back and just freaking jump off a plane aka skydive. You want to be in Sydney for New Year’s. There is so much left to do in Australia that you have a bucket list just for Down Under! (I’m.not.kidding.)

So many aspects of Hong Kong have left you enthralled. Disneyland being the top of the list! The tax-free shopping heaven that awaits you till almost midnight everyday. Efficient public transport where you have train’s running till 1am everyday. Trams still in operation despite the modernization of the city. Cheap, cheap street food that you can find almost in every corner to satisfy your cravings. Night markets that you can find anything and everything for. The good looking and well dressed people that are littered in every street. The breathtaking view of the ‘City of Lights’ from the Peak. The old school ferries that still exist. The magnificent Buddha in Lantau Island. Oceanworld and Macau are still left to conquer.

But, what I’ve listed are all just perks of the 2 countries. The grass will always be greener on some other side of the world. There is going to be a country with better yet cheaper public transport. Where jobs are easier to find. Where the weather is so much less harsh. Where society is friendlier and more compassionate to one another. Where you don’t have to fight with expats for resources. Where cost of living is so much cheaper. You turned a blind eye to the negative side of things. You viewed the country only through the eyes as a foreigner. You only saw what the country had to offer against what home didn’t have. You didn’t see the other side of the spectrum. How about things home had and these countries didn’t? You forgot the annoying part of Australia where buses frequent every 30 minutes and shops closing at 5pm everyday. You forgot the hassle of finding cheap parking in central district. You forgot the night you spent in Hong Kong searching for food at 10pm only to end up in MacDonald’s. You forgot the struggle in the massage parlour when the staff didn’t speak English and you had to rely on broken Chinese to communicate.

Everything might go against you in your home country. But, home is where your people are. You can travel to anywhere in the world and create a life for yourself. But none of those matter, when you don’t have people to share all of those highs and lows with. It doesn’t matter if you are in the top 5 happiest countries in the world or the saddest in the world. You just need someone to laugh and cry with and you’re gonna be alright.

I am. We all are.


2 thoughts on “My people; my home.

  1. DeAnna says:

    very beautiful. i have often wanted to travel, but even before I had my son I was always afraid of traveling outside of the country. You here so many bad things on the news anymore, it makes you nervous to travel anymore. So your site will be where I come for my get aways 😀

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