May peace be upon them.

Disclaimer: This is gonna be a heavy post. 

I wish Solosingaporean was all about my latest food haunts, travel escapades and all other happy adventures. But, life always throws curve balls at us when we least expect right? Shortly after I got back home after my Hong Kong trip, I was greeted with news of the passing of my dad’s closest friend. The past 3 days has been spent rallying around the family to offer the least we can in terms of physical presence and support. A day after my dad’s contemporary passing, another sudden news. A friend I knew, around the same age group as me, lost his life due to the sheer carelessness of a lorry driver.

I can’t quite decide which sorrow is sadder. The one who battled cancer for a month or the one who lost his life within a matter of seconds or maybe even micro seconds. Does the pain of losing a son or brother outweigh that of losing a husband or father? I don’t know both of them personally. But, all I felt was empathy for what the immediate family must be going through in this difficult time. In between the moments of silence, I thought to myself how life would be if we actually knew a person’s expiry date just like we know his birthday. Would we treat each other better if we knew when their last day would be? Would be forgive easier and bear grudges less? Would we exchange “I love you’s” more frequently?

You can never be prepared for death. Cause when it hits you’re just dumbfounded. You may cry till your heart’s content or you might just remain stoic. The pain is still the same for both.

I guess, before death nothing else matters.

So, let me tell you before it’s too late, I love you.


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