November, the month of change.

If there is one thing I’m always thankful for, it would be my ability to appreciate various genres of music.

Till date, I’ve close to about 50Gb of music stored in my laptop. Most of which, I hate to admit, have been (fill in the blanks). But this month, I decided to make a conscious effort to buy my music especially if it’s by youtube artistes. Artistes earn tons of money through endorsements, touring the world and what not. But, youtube stars hold as much, if not higher regard in my eyes. Performing just for the pure love of music to be seen and heard by the world requires a hell lot of courage. And, the least I can do is the buy their song for a mere USD 1 dollar usually. Do your part. Respect music and the artistes that make them.

This was my first purchase.

And I just made my second.


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