Beautifully wrought, Ang Lee’s humanist interpretation of the bestselling novel visually dazzles and digs deep with its poetic study of two souls.

Life of Pi is not a perfect movie but it does not need to be. Like the surrogate for the audience says in the movie, “It is an incredible story.” A boy stuck on a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger is a story that writes itself. But more than the sheer intrigue of the actions that unfurl from this Cast Away type situation, the sheer magic of the movie lies in the study of the human condition and how love is an intricate part of life.

Without giving any spoilers away, Life of Pi is based on the celebrated novel by Yann Martel involving an Indian boy named Pi Patel (whose teenage years is played by Suraj Sharma while his adult years is played by Irfan Khan)…

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