What 2012 was all about!

In no particular order.

– I quit a job I hated dragging my feet to every morning!
– Did a studio photoshoot with my friends!
– Attended Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” Concert!
– Celebrated my birthday in Hong Kong!
– Celebrated another good friend’s in KL!
– Penang with my siblings. Memories include a dodgy motel/hostel/whatever and me writhing in pain and discomfort after taking a gamble on a suspicious looking massage parlour. Also, playing arcade games on the last day like a 5 year old kid.
– Let love in and decided to let it go.
– Many sober and happy nights! And many drunk ones as well!
– Carousel for my 24th!
– Discovered so many awesome food haunts!
– Midnight brunch @ Wild Honey and champagne for the first time!
– Attended so many funerals.
– Spent over RM800 on seafood for 13 pax!
– 18-day roadtrip in Australia with my siblings! #besttimeofmylife 
– Almost died behind the wheels. 
– 1 weekend madness in Gold Coast which involved a family photoshoot! #awesome
– Travel highlight #1: Brighton bathing box, Melbourne!
– Felt really old when I voluntarily decided to go for a full body medical examination.
– Almost got cheated of SGD 550.
– My cousin got married!!
– Executed the best birthday surprise ever by flying in to meet my sister! (don’t think I can ever top this surprise off)
– Bangkok for 4 days and I swear I’ve never walked this much in my life before!
– Decided to give public blogging a shot! Thank you all for your support to Solosingaporean thus far! I’m always eternally grateful to one and all!
– Fell in love with Japanese food!
– Won free passes for couple of movies! Thanks to radio 91.3FM!
– Universal Studios Singapore thrice this year alone! I’m officially sick of it!
– Attended the worse concert of my life thus far. Poor audio, poor singers. Oh my!
– Shreya Goshal live!
– Worked for SGD 8 per hour and also scored SGD 80 without doing anything!
– Best buys of the year: My polaroid and Ipad! 
– Top movie: Tie between Stricken and Perks of Being a Wallflower!
– After 4 months of being unemployed, I’m starting my new job tomorrow! Wish me luck!
Happy new year folks! Screw the mayans, we’ve got 1 more year to get it right! Let’s get started! So, bring it on, 2013!

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