Top 5 reasons to go Hong Kong!

1. Street food! It’s almost everywhere you cannot resist the temptation for cheap and good food!


2. Disneyland! The only place where fairy tales truly do exist.


3. Night life! From late night shopping to massage parlours to pubs to MTRs (trains), you’ll just love it. Especially when you can get yourself a foot massage past midnight, after a long day of shopping.


4. Duty free shopping everywhere on the island! It’s worth it, especially if you’re getting yourself luxury goods. You easily save about 10%. Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the (impending) hole you’re gonna burn in your pockets!


5. Trams! Not many developed cities still rely on trams as part of their transportation which makes the whole experience of travelling in Hong Kong different from any other city.


These are my top 5 reasons why I’ll visit Hong Kong again. And oh, of course, to head to Macau.

Any of you been to Hong Kong in recent times or planning a trip down soon? Hit me a shout out folks!

Have a good weekend!

All images belong to Solosingaporean. Please give credit where it’s due. Thanks for stopping by Solosingaporean!


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