Friday favourites!



1. This apartment in Brooklyn. Speaking of which, my posters from Society 6 have arrived! Yay! Time for some redecorating.

2. For those of you who are dessert lovers, you’ll enjoy this featured post over at A Beautiful Mess working in collaboration with Enjoy Cupcakes.

3. Forget harlem shake and all the other variations on Youtube these days, Joe’s THE man!

4. You hardly come across posts of a blogger’s travel to India, that too South India, so enjoy this read.

5. Engagement photo shoot by Emma and Trey – Part 1 & part 2! ♥

6. A prison turned into a boutique hotel in Netherlands!

7. Gentri’s trip to Epcot makes you fall in love with Walt Disney and everything associated to childhood and fairy tales all over again.


I’m in the midst of making changes to the content I publish on Solosingaporean. So if you don’t hear from me soon, assume I’m under construction. Till then.


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