Friday links!


I know I did mention my pending absence. But, how can I miss friday favourites! So for this week, here it goes!

1. From one of the photoblogs I religiously follow – moment junkie. Love this shot!

2. Are ear cuffs the new IN thing with regards to accessories?

3. Hannah’s post on leaving and goodbyes.

4. A very whacky bridal shower!

5. An “it’s OK thursday” sounds pretty fun. I might decide to hop onto the bandwagon.

6. This line “Get good at discomfort. Avoiding discomfort is very common, but a big mistake. Learning to be OK with some discomfort will change your life.” by Leo Babauta on Advice to My Kids.

7. The most expensive places in US to get married in for all you couples who are gonna get hitched. And for those of you, who want a simple wedding, read this!

8. For those of you who haven’t fallen head over heels in love with Italy, this is for you!

9. An engagement photo shoot in a lovely old world setting.

10. THIS TED talk, must watch!

11. And lastly, if you’re in need of some inspiration, look over here.

And so, I’m sure by now, you must have heard about the death of Google reader come July. *loud wail* So, let’s just get moving to Bloglovin’ shall we? Here’s a simple tutorial on how. See you there folks!


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