It’s OK Thursday!


In case you have missed my previous Friday links post, I caught onto “It’s OK Thursday” from Alissa over at Beauty and the Bilyeu’s. I know I’m a day late, but hey, it’s still Thursday in the far west of our planet. So come on, let’s go!

… that somedays things get so tough and you wanna give up.

… that the airconditioning in the room is not working at the moment.

… that you haven’t gone out for a run in almost a week.

… that your book is still stuck at page 38.

… that work today entails more than a 8 hour shift.

… that you’ve yet to do a couple of food reviews on your blog.

… that you’re still trying to find yourself a good deal to get that camera(s).

… that you need almost 10 hours of sleep to remain sane the following day.

… that every 4 hours you need to nourish yourself with some food.

… that you’ve slightly over a month more before trip to Bali awaits.

Happy thursday, nonetheless!


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