Au revoir.

From my sporadic blog posts this past couple of months, I guess, it comes with no surprise that I’m gonna be on hiatus.

I begun Solosingaporean last April with a purpose in my mind and heart full of zest. I enjoyed reviewing my latest food haunts and my recently watched films. I wanted Solosingaporean to encapsulate all my travel sojourns. I sought comfort in sitting behind the keyboard and penning my thoughts about love and life, at large. I started writing my own fiction stories. I sought solace from the tales I spun. I wrote to forget, and to remember.

This year has brought with itself many changes. It’s been 4 months since 2013 begun and I’m still learning how to cope and grow. My thoughts, on most of the days, are heavy and scattered. Words choke my throat and leave me numb, and in tears. My fingers freeze when they hit the keyboard and leave me staring blankly at the screen.

I hope, someday soon I return back to Solosingaporean with a greater fire as well as happier stories to share.

To my 80 wordpress followers and all other readers (in whatever mediums), I thank you for reading my writing and appreciating my works all this while. Your comments and likes to my posts kept spurring me to write without censoring my thoughts.

Today, you can choose to unfollow Solosingaporean or let this blog be one of those stagnant, un-updated sites in your reading list. I’ll take no offence if I’m left with zero followers and/or no new views when tomorrow arrives.

Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for the over 5,000 views this past year.

Till then, au revoir! I hope to see you soon!


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