Take flight.


Taken en route from Penang to Singapore.

She sought solace from the comfort of crossing borders.

It made her feel life were an “amazing race” rather than hundreds of chapters of “The lost symbol”. (pun unintended)

She always argued travels made her feel light.

But today, this trip (despite for it being the longest), made her feel heavier than usual.

Her thoughts were scattered all over, just like her clothes strewn across the bedroom floor.

She felt the whisper from the heart, alongside, with the voice from her head.

She blocked both “noises” out and continued walking forward, to further wear out her (already torn) slippers.

But, within a matter of minutes, she stumbled on a roadblock.

She was forced to stop and U-turn.

Then, she decided – it was time to take flight (again).

To continue this “escape” for however long it took, before she could feel light or have it figured-it-all-out; whichever came first, of course.

Bon voyage.


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