Extrovert or Introvert?



I blogged previously, not quite long ago, on what the corporate world has turned me into and today my trainer just reaffirmed my thoughts. He said, “it’s tiring to be an extrovert all the time”. In his case, people conveniently assume that just because the nature of his job requires him to be constantly talking, sharing his thoughts and ideas across to an audience he is, by nature, an extrovert. Apparently he isn’t a round the clock extrovert. And that’s when, I felt like a light bulb just got switched on in my head. It felt so good knowing that “my goodness, I’m not alone.”

Don’t get me wrong. I love interacting with people, be it strangers or the thickest of pals. I’m quite comfortable engaging in a conversation with you and making sure it doesn’t get too awkward (I hope). I foresee myself to be a consultant in the (hopefully) near future. So yes, of course, I have to be an extrovert (occupational hazard). But, but, I am also an introvert. I am someone who values me-time a hell lot. I consider the need to verbalise and formulate my thoughts across to another being by the means of a common language an extremely tiring process. Most of the time, I enjoy being alone. Please don’t confuse loneliness with being alone. They are two completely different human emotions. I can eat alone. Watch a film alone. Practically do anything and everything alone, without any qualms whatsoever. Being alone gives me peace and helps me organise my thoughts. I can better focus on myself and even surprise myself with spontaneous plans. It gives me that freedom and liberation, which to me, is an adrenaline high on its own. If I could opt to be by myself all the time, I might be the first one in the queue, so don’t be surprised. I did warn you.

Thank you Enrico for enlightening me today. For making me realise it’s alright to be both an extrovert and an introvert.

So the next time I see you, I might ignore you, if I’m enjoying my solitude. But, I don’t bark or bite, so just drop in and say hi. If I don’t sustain the conversation for more than 2 minutes, you should get the idea. I hope.


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