I will get there.

Will there ever be a time I chance upon a photograph of yours and don’t choke up?

I cannot seem to leave your place without tears in my eyes. The Sunday afternoons I used to spend there just lazing around. Deepavali never meant much other than a day dedicated for a full (pun intended) reunion at your place.

I want to be able to get there. To smile remembering the beautiful person you were. To recollect all the fondest of memories you have left us with. To be half the person you were. To be proud I had 25 years with a very kind-hearted lady. And be even prouder, for she was my grandmother.

I’ll be seeing you real soon. Till then, continue smiling down on us. The way you always did from your chair when you heard footsteps approaching the gate. The way you peeked through the metal grills to see who it was. I still remember that mischievous smile of yours. It’s so vivid right now, I’m smiling amidst the tears all over my face.

You are a really one of a kind.


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