Au revoir 2013.


People always say the grass is greener on the other side. But, I defer. I tend to believe that it depends on which side you water. These day I’m starting to pick out just the positive aspects of a situation and keep going. Past week has been quite bleak. I know I cannot keep going like this and expect miracles to happen or a door to open. So, I’m just gonna do my best in whatever that is left for me in this and move on to ‘greener’ pastures.

It’s human tendency to keep wanting to acquire more when basic needs are met. There is nothing wrong in that. It keeps you striving for better and challenging yourself. But, remember in the pursuit of reaping more benefits make sure your soul doesn’t get ripped off. Essentially, you are what you are. You are not defined by your job title, pay scale or promotion package. Greener pastures may not necessarily spell happier grazes. So, take stock of your life on your own accord.

Achievements for 2013:

– 10k run

– Solo travel

– Skydiving

Mantras/Goals for 2014:

– Travel more. That’s a given.

– Sign up for a overseas volunteering mission.

– Continue being a traveller rather than a tourist.

See you in 2014!


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