January is almost over and it has been a whirlwind thus far.

The year begun highly uncertain for me on the grounds of work. I am still in the midst of deciding if a switch is needed or if I should bite the bullet and tide through this rather impossible phase.

I don’t know really know what exactly my sanity has been. But, I’m glad to be still surviving.

I have quit planning weeks or months ahead and have started taking each day literally. I’m not exactly sure if that is a good thing but the burden on my shoulders seem to weigh down on me less.

I want April to come soon so can breathe slightly easier. That’s 2 more months to go.

I hope my blogging mojo is back ’cause I don’t want to keep lamenting about my (work) life.

Right now, it’s the season for reunion for the family since the sister came back 3 days ago, but only to depart again tomorrow. Short getaway beckons this weekend. I hope it does the trick to pull me through till.. for some time at least.

Let’s hope February is gonna be kinder. If it isn’t I’ll just look forward to my first real travel for the year – Vietnam.

Till then, I’ll let my sumptuous dinner spread give me happiness.

Taken at Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood, Singapore.


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