Monday’s thoughts.

1. I’ve learnt I’m quite a pessimist realist at times. We were caught in traffic for more than an hour and ended up getting to the airport barely 30 mins before the sister’s flight. I was dead sure she won’t be allowed to get on the plane. But, thank god, she was allowed to literally run and jump into the plane. It could have been partly due to the kind-hearted Jetstar service staff who allowed her to check-in. Or the fact, there was another group of passengers who were also late and had just checked-in. Whatever the reason being, a rule was bent. So, moral of story, just believe. You will free yourself of undue stress and worry. ‘Cause after-all they say, worrying about things beyond your control is pointless.

Speaking of running late, here’s an article on punctual people.

2. The working world sucks. I experienced that twice just today alone. People are just waiting to fire at you at every opportunity they get. Especially so, when your back is turned towards them. It makes me re-think the type of organisation I wanna work in/for. And it is true, people can make or break an organisation.

3. There is such a thing as a quarter century/midlife crisis. I really don’t know what I want to spend the next 30 years of my life doing. It feels like such a long time but is it, I wonder.

4. The years spent in school are the best time of your life. I know EVERYONE says this. But seriously, you will never understand this till you experience this first hand. I did today. When the nostalgia hit me as I drove through the campus that was home for 4 years. #ohthegoodtimes #carefreeyouth #youngandwild


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